Traverse the NYU-NET (or Packet’s guide to the AS12)

NYU-NET is NYU’s Internet-connected network of computers, computer-related equipment, and information resources. It’s a collection of hardware, software, operating procedures, and policies.

NYU-Domain is an Autonomous System (AS12). It is a collection of IP routing prefixes administrated by NYU with clearly defined routing policy to the Internet.


A Brief History of NYU-NET 

1957 – The Courant Institute at NYU gets an IBM 704 computer
ARPANet allowed file transfer and remote login techniques between Courant and other research groups

1983 – ARPANet transition from NCP protocol set to TCP/IP
NYSERNet becomes the first regional network to establish connectivity in the New York State region. NYU-NET partners with NYSERNet

1985 – NYU installed its own internal telephone system, laid broadband cable connecting all main buildings for TV and data communication

1990s – Thousands of nodes are connected through buffered repeaters and low cost terminal control units. Encounters problems running the entire network.

1993 – NYU migrate to NYU-NET-2, a fiber based, routed network with a double ring that loosely circles Washington Square Park. Hubs on the ring connect the outlying NYU buildings around Manhattan

1995 to 1999 – Explosion of applications with the entrance of the World Wide Web, HTML, XML, etc.




Rough mockup of visualization



Wired (more on these after talking to ITS)

  • fiber-optic and twisted-pair copper network cable
  • data jacks
  • telecommunications closet terminations

Wireless (more on these after talking to ITS)

  • radio frequency spectrum
  • wireless access points

IP Address Space

NYU has a single Class B network: as well as Class C networks

  • public IPv4 and IPv6 address space
  • private IPv4 address space


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