Composite Recollections of 721 Broadway Fl.4

I had began the project to create a shared memory space in VR. Marina suggested that I look into personal geographies. As I researched more, I became fascinated by the relationship between humans and space, how “space” become “place”, and how we attach meaning to space.

This project has evolved into an exploration of collective recollections of a space, in this case 721 Broadway Fl.4. It’s interesting that once the name of the space (ITP) is removed, there is void in meaning. I’m interested to see how individuals remember about this space, recognizing patterns from their recollections, and creating a composite of them that can be explored in VR.

I looked into a variety of topics, from Sense of Place to Narrative Maps to Psychogeography. All research as well as design mockups can be found on my Hackpad.

Here’s my presentation.