Recurring applications for GSM

Benedetta had mentioned a couple of cool projects in the last two Towers of Power classes that I wanted to check out. So I took this opportunity to research these projects along with a few others. It’s apparent that there are a vast number of things that we can make with open GSM. Though their purpose are mostly different, I noticed some recurring themes based on how the technology is used. Here are a few of them.

Text to control something
These projects are pretty fun. I think texting is a very human way of communicating. Unlike pressing a button, texting to get a lifeless piece of object to act seems more entertaining and magical.

  • Digital Ding Dong Ditch
  • Various text to open door projects, such as this one
  • Interaction through calls and texts
    The user interact with a less tangible counterpart through their phones. These projects are more game-like.

  • Tinder on call
  • Campaigns that you can call or text to interact with a screen or poster
  • Anything can be a phone
    It’s really cool that the GSM Module can be used to create new gestures to communicate.

  • Smart Hoodie
  • Hub’s project Jeff
  • Insular mobile networks
    These applications target issues of not having signal in disaster scenes or remote locations.

  • Burning Man GSM network/openBTS
  • GoTenna
  • GSM Network Jammers
    These projects are more on the offense, using the technology to attack itself or those using it, all the while sending a strong statement?

  • Lady Ada’s Wave Bubble
  • Julian Oliver’s No Network
  • Allison Burtch’s Log Jammer
  • Intercepting or changing data
    This is also on the offense, but with more covert attacks.

  • Julian Oliver’s Newstweek
  • Remote tracking and data collection
    These projects are longer term and requires continued documentation or a fully built out platform to display or visualize the information.

  • Delivery for Mr. Assange
  • Stories of Trash
  • What are ones that I’ve missed?

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    1. These are great! And so many examples for all the categories you mentioned come to mind! Also, remote management & remote monitoring (you did mention turning something on remotely but also maintaining something and knowing if its working properly and getting data from a thing on a regular interval) are also really widely used applications for GSM.

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