Bit Bit Dance

For Physical Computing’s midterm project, I created Bit Bit Dance with my teammate Paul Hiem. Bit Bit Dance is a dance battle game controlled by custom made shoe sole sensors. Taking 8 bit music and graphics, we created a dancing character for each of the two players. When the player dances, the character also dances and 8 bit bitcoins falls into the character’s hat. When the time is up, the amount of bitcoins collected by each player is counted and displayed. 

Check out Project Fanny Pack: Making the Bit Bit Dance Controller here.



A player’s feet controls six different interactions:

  • Left heel up, left heel down, right heel up, right heel down each controls one of the character’s movement and each creates a different sound effect
  • Right heel pressed for a sustained period of time starts the background music and starts the timer
  • Left heel pressed for a sustained periord of time pauses the background music

Two LEDs attached the controller signals which foot is down or pressed, providing direct feedback to the player or observer.


Controller includes: enclosed microcontroller (Arduino) and circuitry, shoe sole sensors, and wires.

The casing for the microcrontroller is designed with an adjustable strap that can loop around a belt.

The casing is designed with an adjustable strap that can loop around a belt.


Bit Bit Dance software.

Bit Bit Dance software.